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Hire a Scaffold Tower

Many construction companies and even jobbing builders will have all their own equipment. While some professionals may prefer to hire scaffolding, a lot more prefer to use their own. If you are just setting up in business and most particularly if you are undertaking a personal diy project then you will probably do better to hire a scaffold tower for the job. While there are plenty of companies who may be willing to hire a scaffold tower to anyone who asks, the problem is sorting out those companies who will provide you with a quality tower for your money, and those who aren't so particular.

Finding a Quality Scaffold Tower to Hire

There are plenty of reputable scaffold tower hire companies around today and most people in the construction business will know who these are. If you are just starting out or you are planning a diy project then you may need to do some searching. One of the best ways of finding a quality company from which to hire a scaffold tower is to ask around. Most people who have used the services of a particular company and been satisfied with the results are usually more than happy to recommend that company to someone else, so it is worth asking friends and family first. Once you have found what you think is a suitable company from which to hire a scaffold tower, there are some things you should check before the tower is delivered to you if possible.

Safety Checks

If the company you've found was not on personal recommendation but is fairly local to you go and take a look at the scaffold tower you want to hire, check that the scaffolding boards are ok and included in the hire price. Don't accept anything that shows signs of rust, safety has to be paramount when you are working at height and rust may indicate a weakness in the equipment's basic structure. If you are satisfied that there are no significant defects in the equipment then complete the hire agreement. When you hire a scaffold tower and it is delivered to you, get somebody to help you erect it, then one of you can check each component before it goes into the structure. Once the tower is in the process of being erected you should check each level when it is complete to make sure that it is sturdy enough to take the next one.

Working on a Scaffold Tower

Make sure that all the guard rails fit properly and are in good condition as these could be the things that prevent you from falling from quite a height. You should always wear a safety harness when you are working on a scaffold tower. If you don't own a safety harness then you should ask for one to be included when you hire a scaffold tower Make sure that base plates are fitted onto the feet of the tower even if you've not erected it on soft ground. Base plates give extra stability to a scaffold tower and it's always worth doing things to improve that.

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