Scaffold Tower Hire

Nationwide Scaffold Tower Hire

If you run a building company and you work in different areas of the country, or if you sub-contract to builders in other areas then you need a good source for hiring scaffold towers. Many companies use a nationwide scaffold tower hire company because it means they can be sure of having the right equipment no matter where the job is actually located. A company only gets business on a nationwide basis when the equipment that they have for hire conforms to British Standard safety and quality regulations. It is worth using the services of a nationwide scaffold tower hire company as they will probably have a wider variety of scaffold towers for hire, including fibre glass access towers and aluminium access towers. If you decide to use a mobile aluminium access tower then you may need to undertake a PASMA training course so that you are fully cognisant of how the equipment should be used.

A Source of Decent Scaffold Towers

When you find a company that has a national reputation and that offers their hiring services on a nationwide basis it is highly likely that you won't come across any major safety issues when you are erecting the towers. A nationwide scaffold tower hire company will not only supply you with the right kind of tower for the job, it may even erect the structure for you. Many reputable companies not only supply scaffold towers across the country, they also offer training courses in the use of their equipment. If you are concerned about risk assessment and safety then it may be worth taking up some of the training that is on offer.

Scaffold Safety Training

A reputable nationwide scaffold tower hire company may offer training on using their equipment safely. Some courses may be on ladder and step safety and inspection. As a building contractor you will be used to risk assessment processes but your workers and sub-contractors may not be that aware. A good builder will check every component in a scaffold tower before the erection takes place. It is essential to know that your tools and equipment are fit for purpose and a nationwide scaffold tower hire company's risk assessment training is well worth your consideration.

PASMA Training Courses

PASMA training with a nationwide scaffold tower hire company that has the correct credentials will ensure that you are fully aware of how to work safely and efficiently with mobile access towers. One of the most important aspects of PASMA training courses is the emphasis on identifying and avoiding hazards, on care and maintenance and on the safe use of towers. Some companies require that anyone working on mobile access towers should be PASMA certified and carry one of their ID cards which are valid for five years. Whether you hire your equipment from a nationwide scaffold tower hire company or not, you should be trained in the safe erection and dismantling of mobile access towers.

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