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Increasingly householders are recognising that working at height using a ladder or a set of steps is unsafe. Many diy projects involve working at height, e.g. painting the outside of a family home, fixing and painting guttering or painting upper storey window frames.

Mark 1 Hire

Scaffold tower hire Essex companies like Mark 1 Hire will provide diy home owners with the right kind of equipment to complete a job safely. If you have not hired a scaffold tower before then there are certain things you need to be aware of before you start.

Broughton Plant Hire and PASMA

If you are looking for a reputable scaffold tower hire Essex company and are not sure what to check for, then try to find one like Broughton Plant Hire that states that all of their hire equipment is PASMA inspected. PASMA ( the prefabricated access suppliers and manufacturers association) operates strict safety checks for working at height. PASMA inspectors are usually experienced scaffold tower workers who know from experience what is necessary to ensure safe working at height. Most PASMA certified inspectors are only certified for five years when they have to undergo further training to ensure that they are up to date with recent industry changes.

Hares Hire Services

A scaffold tower hire Essex company like Hares Hire Services, that has all their hire equipment checked and inspected at regular intervals is more likely to deliver equipment that is safe to use. When working at height however, nothing should be taken for granted and before you erect a tower it is sensible to check each component before it is added to the tower. There are certain work at height regulations that professionals and commercial builders must adhere to but the same rules do not apply to individuals. The best way for individuals to be sure that their equipment is safe is to supply the hire company with as much information as possible.

Working with Hire Company M&G Scaffolding

Individuals may not be required to have knowledge of the working at height regulations but if they give information to the hire company on the job that they are planning, the company will be able to go through safety procedures with them. A reputable scaffold tower hire Essex company like M&G Scaffolding will be able to point you to the right equipment for the job when they have sufficient information to hand. You should have some idea of how long the job will take as this will have cost implications when you hire a scaffold tower. Some scaffold tower hire Essex companies may have special weekend hire rates and it is worth checking this out, especially if you are working with a strict budget.

Checking Structures for Yourself

Checking things for yourself, especially when it comes to safe working at height, is imperative. You can only assume that the company you are working with has done everything they say they have done. Most reputable scaffold tower hire Essex companies will encourage their clients to perform their own checks on equipment before they actually sign the hire agreement. You should always check the uprights for the scaffold frame to make sure that it is safe to use. Rust may be just a surface problem but it can imply that there is a weakness in the metal and you should check that the tower you hire is not plagued by rust.

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