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If you live in Scotland then you will find plenty of carpentry, double glazing and equipment hire firms that operate in and around the area. For those people who work in the construction industry hiring scaffold towers is often a regular part of their job as they may need towers on a number of different sites. An increasing number of professionals now choose aluminium scaffold towers as they often have thick, welded frames that provide extra stability to the tower. If you are planning to a diy project that requires a scaffold tower then take a leaf out of the professionals' book and get an aluminium one from a scaffold tower hire Glasgow company.

Aluminium Towers from Tartan Towers

Some of the newer aluminium scaffold towers that are available for hire have a significant number of features that enhance the stability and safety of the tower. Some scaffold tower hire companies Glasgow, like Tartan Towers, have towers with colour coded braces, which make for easier and safer erection of the tower because you can tell immediately from the instruction sheet which brace to use at any given stage of erecting the tower. Scaffold tower hire Glasgow companies may offer aluminium towers with thick, ribbed frame uprights for extra strength and safety. Look for an aluminium scaffold tower that can be climbed internally through a trap door as this is safer than some more traditional methods. Always request stabilisers when you hire a scaffold tower, irrespective of what sort of ground you are working on because they give the tower extra stability and are therefore a safety feature.

JR Scaffold Services

One of the things that spoils many projects, both commercial and private, is neglecting to do proper planning when it comes to costing a project. There is an old saying if you fail to plan then you plan to fail and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to costing a project. Some scaffold tower hire Glasgow companies like JR Scaffold Services offer affordable hire rates, some at weekends if you are certain you can complete the job in a weekend then this is a good offer, but if you are not certain you could end up paying quite a lot more when the weekend is over.


Use a company like Tuxebo to make comparisons and get several quotes for hiring a scaffold tower, while cheap weekend rates may appear attractive, if you have a problem and the job takes four days instead of two, your costings have gone out of the window. Make sure that you have more time than you think you need when it comes to planning a job that involves hiring a scaffold tower.

Finding a Reputable Company

A reputable scaffold tower hire Glasgow company will be one that is strict about safety regulations. You may find it easier to find a company with a good reputation if you ask family and friends or maybe your neighbours for a referral. Personal referrals are often the best way of finding a scaffold tower hire company that is strict about safety, delivers on time and offers a reasonable hire rate.

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