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When you live in Belfast or some other city in Northern Ireland there may be services available to you that are not necessarily available to people in the south. If you are looking for scaffold tower hire Ireland companies then a company that is based in Belfast may not deliver to County Cork so you will need to check this before you go any further. Most reputable scaffold tower hire companies such as Ridgeway Plant in Belfast will be explicit about which cities and areas they serve so it shouldn't be a problem. One of the best ways of ensuring that you get what you want in terms of scaffold tower hire Ireland companies is to get a recommendation from a friend or neighbour.

What Type of Scaffold Tower

There is no doubt about the fact that a scaffold tower can make it much easier and safer to work at height. There are different types of scaffold towers and you will need to speak to the scaffold tower hire Ireland company about the job you need to do because this will make it easier for them to decide what type of scaffold tower you would need. If the job you are doing involves working in stairwells then you will need a stairway scaffold tower.

Deborah Services Ireland (DSI)

The scaffold tower hire Ireland conpany , DSI, which serves the whole of Northern Ireland, will be able to tell you whether you will need a stairway scaffold tower for the job; it is a specialised piece of equipment that is compact, lightweight and meant to fit into narrow stairwells. A stairway tower is light because it may need to be constantly moved to complete the job. Stairway towers come in a range of different platform heights and you will need to tell the scaffold tower hire Ireland company enough about the job so they will know which height is best for you. The platform on a stairway tower can be adjusted and raised to different heights in order to provide safe working conditions.


When you are working at heights it really is a case of safety first. It is not a good idea to work alone when you are using a stairway tower, try working with at least one other person so that they can help if there is a problem. No matter what type of equipment you are working with the scaffold tower hire Ireland company will provide you with a sheet of instructions that you should follow to the letter. You should wear a safety harness and a hard hat when working at height for obvious reasons. Providing you take the proper precautions then you shouldn't have any problems working with a stairway tower.

If you are hiring a scaffold tower for your business then you will need to be conversant with the proper regulations and safety checks that are an industry requirement. When you approach a scaffold tower hire Ireland company,and you are working on a commercial project then you may have to have insurance for the job. An increasing number of reputable companies in Ireland, such as offer training courses and require commercial customers to have a PASMA qualified person on site who can assess the equipment and the site on which you are working.

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