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Scaffold Tower Hire Scotland

Working at height is not the same as working on the ground or at low levels because it is far more dangerous and therefore requires specialist equipment. Scaffold tower hire Scotland companies provide a valuable service because they not only supply specialist equipment they also give advice on the safest ways of erecting and using a scaffold tower. Don't get confused when you see access towers mentioned, scaffold towers are often spoken of in this way simply because they allow you access to heights that would otherwise be extremely difficult to reach. Painting companies in particular require almost constant access to scaffold towers because they often have to work at height. If you plan on painting the upper storey of your own home then you will require a scaffold tower because ladders are not suitable for long jobs that must be carried out a long way off the ground.

Get Help from Tartan Towers

Once you have found a reputable scaffold tower hire Scotland company like Tartan Towers, if you live in the area of Renfrewshire, make sure that you avail yourself of all the help that they offer. A good hire company will be able to assist you in the best way to erect your scaffold tower and how to make the necessary safety checks. When you are working at height it is usually the case that you will have to move the tower in order to do the whole job and the hire company will also advise you how to disassemble the tower in order to move it to complete a job.

Speyside Scaffolding Services

When you are engaged on a diy project a scaffold tower hire Scotland company like Speyside Scaffolding Services, may advise you to hire a mobile scaffold tower as this can be safely moved from one spot to another without the bother of disassembling it. Scaffold towers come in a range of heights and you should give the hire company plenty of information about your project so that they can be sure they are delivering you the right tools for the job.

Abscaff and Training

If you have never used a scaffold tower before then a reputable scaffold tower hire Scotland company, like Abscaff Lid in Aberdeen, will at least be able to advise you and may even offer you training. One of the most important things that regular users of scaffold towers undertake before a job is risk assessment. The ground on which you will be working needs to be part of that assessment, if you are working on soft ground then you will definitely need stabilisers on the feet of the tower so that is doesn't shift. Many professionals will advise that you use stabiliser whether or not the ground is soft because it gives added strength and stability to a tower.

Following Instructions

There is a right way and a wrong way to erect a scaffold tower. The hire company will provide you with an instruction sheet and a good scaffold tower hire Scotland company will also go through those instructions with you to make sure that you understand the process before you begin.

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