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Working on a personal diy project without the proper equipment can be risky. Many household tools and equipment such as household ladders are not the ideal tools for difficult, exterior projects. Companies like Scaffold Tower Hire London often hire equipment to people in other parts of the country, including the whole of the south east, the Midlands and as far north as Liverpool.

JMS Scaffolding

If you are planning a project that involves working at height then you will need to hire a scaffold tower from a company like JMS Scaffolding as working on one of these is much safer than trying to work from a ladder. Every year there are more accidents involving people who are using household ladders to undertake jobs that really require specialist equipment.

Get a Scaffold Tower Delivered to Your Area from Lakeside Hire

One of the great things about very visible companies like Scaffold Tower Hire London companies such as Lakeside Hire, is that they make sure that their equipment is inspected by qualified professionals before it is sent out to the end user. When you hire scaffolding over the internet from a reputable company that also delivers in other areas, you can be sure that the equipment should be delivered from somewhere fairly close to your home. Not all internet companies that offer scaffold towers for hire are able to ensure local delivery in many parts of the UK and you need to watch out for this. If an internet based scaffold tower hire London Company cannot arrange for delivery from a local supplier, then you could spend a significant part of your project budget on shipping and delivery costs.

London Tower Service and Safety

If you plan on erecting the scaffold tower when it arrives from Scaffold Hire London company like London Tower Service, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a friend or family member. Even though equipment may have been tested by a qualified professional before it is sent out to you, for safety's sake it is essential that you check every component of the tower before it becomes part of the finished thing. When two of you are working on a tower it means that one can be inspecting the components while the other person works on putting these components together. You should first have checked the area in which you are going to work to ensure that it is safe enough to erect the tower there and start working on the project. If you need several levels of scaffolding then you should check before the next level is added to make sure that the tower is strong enough to take the extra weight.

Get a Tower Stairway from National Tool Hire Shops

You should have a fairly precise idea of how high your scaffold is going to be when you get in touch with Scaffold Hire London supplier like National Tool Hire Shops. If the tower is going to be over a certain height then you may not want to rely on a ladder to access the upper levels of the scaffold dower. Depending on how high you need the tower it is possible to hire a scaffold tower stairway so that you can reach the upper levels of the tower safely.

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