Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold Tower Hire FAQs

If you are undertaking work on the roof of your home then you may need to hire a scaffold tower. Anyone who is hiring a tower for the first time should look at the hire company's list of scaffold tower hire faqs. Private individuals who want to hire a scaffold tower often begin with the following:

Q. Do you hire scaffold towers to members of the public or just to companies?
A. Yes, we do hire scaffold towers to members of the public.

What Size Scaffold Tower

For people who are undertaking a do it yourself project the question about what size scaffold tower they might need to hire if often high on the list of scaffold tower hire faqs.

Q. I want to do some work on the upper storey of the exterior of my home, what size scaffolding tower will I need?
A. Providing you don't need to have access beyond the roof line of a two storey home then a 5.2metre tower will be ample. Should you require access beyond the roof line then you will need to call the advice line.

What Areas are Covered for Scaffold Tower Hire

It is not always clear on a company's website whether they only provide scaffold tower hire in and around the local area or whether they deliver to various localities across the country. And this is often on the list of scaffold tower hire faqs.

Q. Do you provide scaffold tower hire when it is needed in areas other than London?
A. We have scaffold towers for hire on a nationwide basis. Including the Home Counties, the Midlands and Manchester, Liverpool and Yorkshire in the north for example.

What are Scaffold Towers Useful For

Not everyone is fully aware of the number of jobs in which the hire of a scaffold tower is really useful and this is often covered in a list of scaffold tower hire faqs.

Q. For what jobs might I choose to think about scaffold tower hire?
A. If you need to paint the outside of your house then it is much safer and easier to use a scaffold tower because you have more space in which to move around. A ladder isn't always long enough to reach the top of some two storey homes. If you want to inspect your roof or paint the gutters then hiring a scaffold tower is a better and often safer choice than using a ladder. There are more fatal accidents among people who use ladders for some of their outdoor tasks, than there are among people who opt for scaffold tower hire.

Erecting Scaffold Towers

Members of the public who have not used a scaffold tower before may want to know whether a company erects the towers they hire and so this is quite often seen on a list of scaffold tower hire faqs.

Q. Do you erect the scaffold towers that you hire out?
A. No, although we are a scaffold tower hire company we are not insured to erect the towers, but all our scaffolding towers come with an easy to follow user guide and it may be a good idea to enlist the help of a friend.

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