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Scaffold Tower Hire Quote

Obtaining a scaffold tower hire quote is a useful tool when determining what is needed as well as the pricing of the equipment. Most scaffold tower hire companies utilise a quote form on their web sites that enables potential customers to input their information at their convienence. A scaffold tower hire quote can also be obtained by ringing the scaffold tower hire company during their business hours.

By providing the scaffold tower hire company with some vital information, they will be able to provide an accurate scaffold tower hire quote. Most companies will provide such a quote with no obligation and with no fees involved.

Before contacting a scaffold tower hire company for a scaffold tower hire quote, it is useful to gather some information together. The information needed includes the following:
  • What is the height needed to reach to perform the task? This is a major point that affects not only the availability of the scaffold tower, but also the pricing. On the other hand, if this information is not known, a representative at the scaffold tower hire company can be helpful in advising a suitable height range.
  • Will the platform need to be adjusted? This is useful to know because many scaffold tower hires offer adjustable heights. The number of adjustments can vary widely, however.
  • What is the scaffold tower to be used for? Knowing this information will enable the scaffold tower hire company to offer advise for suitable scaffold towers to meet the needs of the customer safely and efficiently.
  • Will the scaffold tower need to be portable? If the task involves many moves around an area, for example, a lightweight and mobile scaffold tower will probably be a better choice than a scaffold tower that needs to be disassembled and reassembled each time it is move. In addition, many mobile scaffold towers fold up in order to be stored more compactly.
  • Will the scaffold tower be used for business tasks or personal tasks? Knowing this difference will enable the scaffold tower hire company to advise their customer about their responsibilities when using a scaffold tower. For example, when using a scaffold tower to perform business tasks, the business owner is responsible to ensuring that the operation is safe for all workers involved. On the other hand, such regulations are not in place if the scaffold tower hire is to be used at a residence.
  • How long is the scaffold tower hire needed? Many scaffold tower hire companies hire out their scaffold towers by the week. Depending on availability of the scaffold tower and the needs of the customer and scaffold hire company, longer or shorter time periods can be discussed with the scaffold hire company itself.
Providing the scaffold tower company with as much information as possible, and by being as thorough as possible with that information, will enable a more accurate scaffold tower hire quote for customers. Manufacturer's instructions and recommendations are always included with any scaffold tower hire to help to ensure the safety of all those involved in the use of the scaffold tower hire.

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