Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold Tower hire

There comes a time in most people's lives when certain maintenance work has to be carried out on the outside of their home. Hiring a professional to do the job ,may not be an option, either because of the cost or because a suitably qualified individual is not available. If you need to fix a window, clean your gutters, inspect your roof or paint the exterior of your home, then you will find that a scaffold tower is safer than a ladder and you may want to opt for scaffold tower hire to ensure that you get the job done.

Get Help From a Friend

If you are thinking of scaffold tower hire for the first time then you may want to ask for assistance from a friend who has had some experience in the use of scaffold towers. Although most scaffold towers are hired out with an easy to follow user guide and safety information you need to recognise that every component of a scaffold tower should be checked before it can be erected. If you find that any of the parts of the scaffold tower are rusting or not working as they should then you need to ask the company for a replacement. Most scaffold hire companies will check all their equipment before they hire it out as they have a reputation to preserve, nonetheless, you should still undertake a full component check before erecting the tower.

Where to Go for Scaffold Tower Hire

Most people who want to hire a scaffold tower begin their search online. There are plenty of scaffolding tower hire companies on the internet these days and you are bound to find one either in your area or who will supply and deliver to your area. If you have a friend in the building trade or a friend who has hired a scaffold tower in the past then you may want to ask them for a recommendation. If someone you know was pleased with the service they received from a scaffold tower hire company then it is just as likely that you will find the same. If you do use an online company then make sure that you read reviews of that company by Googling their name, you can find a lot of useful information on DIY forums when it comes to internet traders.

Safety and Risk Assessment

When you opt for scaffolding tower hire you should undertake a risk assessment before you start. Is the place where you plan to erect the tower a safe one according to the assembly guidelines and does the tower need to be supported by the wall of your home? You should always check the guard rails on the scaffolding tower platform to make certain they are secure, as it is these that could prevent you from falling off the platform if you slip. You may only need scaffold tower hire services for a day or two, but you may find that most companies only hire their equipment out on a weekly basis and charge a flat fee.

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