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Alloy Scaffold Towers

When you are working out in the open a great way off the ground, you need to know that the equipment you are using is not going to give way underneath you. Scaffold towers have to built from tubing that is strong enough to bear load and not to break under stress. Alloy scaffold towers are also referred to as aluminium scaffold towers which can be misleading to anyone who is not an engineer or who is unclear as to what the word alloy refers to. The fact is, that traditionally scaffold towers were made entirely of steel because it is among the strongest metals around. The problem with components that are made entirely of steel is that they are very heavy and this makes erecting a scaffold tower a difficult and time consuming job. Alloy scaffold towers on the other hand have much lighter components than pure steel towers and are thus easier to erect and disassemble.

Aluminium Scaffold Towers

The terms aluminium scaffold towers and alloy towers are often used interchangeably simply because aluminium when used in this way is always an alloy, i.e. it is mixed with something else. Pure aluminium is quite soft and generally used only in electrical components. Alloy may mean a mixture of different kinds of metals, depending on what the alloy is to be used for. When it comes to scaffold towers the main criteria is safety and this means that the aluminium has to be mixed with something like steel for instance because this gives it added mechanical strength and ensures that the scaffold tower components are corrosion and fatigue resistant. One of the problems with aluminium or alloy scaffold towers is that the tubing can bend or wear out with consistent use, which means the component parts have to be inspected on a regular basis and checked for problems.

Checking Alloy Scaffold Towers

One of the things that you need to look out for if you are hiring alloy scaffold towers is that the tubing is not too worn. You should inspect the components for any problems although it is unusual to find rust in alloy towers because the aluminium is generally mixed with steel and this is a way of ensuring that the tower components are anti-corrosive. Many mobile access towers are made from aluminium and you should check that the fold down mechanism is in proper working order. You should ensure that there are stabilisers for the wheels as this makes the structure safer and more stable.

Working at Height Regulations

If you are hiring alloy scaffold towers for commercial purposes then you have to abide by the working at height regulations, including only using the tower when weather conditions mean it is safe, e.g. if there are high winds then a scaffold tower shouldn't be used. In a commercial setting only those who are trained in working at height on a scaffold tower should do so. If a person is being trained then this should only take place when there is a properly qualified supervisor to oversee it.

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