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If you run a construction company then you probably hire extra equipment on a regular basis. Many construction jobs involve working at height and scaffold towers are specially designed to make them safer to use than an ordinary ladder when you are working at height. A large number of professionals use aluminium scaffold towers on their sites because they are available with different platform heights and are regarded by some people as more durable than some other scaffold towers. When you are in charge of company where danger is often part of the job, you need to be aware of the working at height regulations that are in operation in the UK.

Working at Height Regulations

There are different rules for professionals who may employ other people, than there are for individuals when it comes to working at high altitude. Working at height regulations specify that only those who are properly trained in the use of aluminium scaffold towers should be working at height. Areas where there is more danger of falling and where someone is working at a great height need to be clearly marked off and any stray objects removed from that area. Aluminium scaffold towers should be thoroughly inspected by a PASMA qualified person before the tower is erected and in use. All inspection reports should be kept for at least three months so that they can be checked by officials if there is an accident or a previously undetected problem with the equipment. The surface of the platform needs to be free of any gaps large enough for a person to fall through or for any objects to fall through and injure someone below.

Assembling Aluminium Scaffold Towers

Even though aluminium scaffold towers should be properly inspected as laid out in the working at height regulations, the utmost care should be taken when assembling the scaffold tower. More than one person should be involved in the construction of a scaffold tower as each component should be thoroughly and individually checked for problems before it is added to the tower. When adding another level to the scaffold tower, the existing levels need to be thoroughly checked and examined to make sure they are strong enough to take the weight of an extra level or platform. Care should be taken to ensure that the scaffold tower that has been chosen is appropriate to the job in hand. Using the wrong type of scaffold tower can result in accidents.

Following Instructions

It is imperative that anyone on a building site who is working with aluminium scaffold towers should be used to following instructions. Working at height can be a dangerous business and every site should have a set of user and assembly instructions in the site office for everyone to consult as and when necessary. When you are working with a set of written instructions don't be tempted to skip a step or think that some of the actions involved are unnecessary. Correctly following instructions when assembling aluminium access towers for working at height, is vital to the safety of the user and everyone involved in the job.

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