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DIY Access Towers

If you are planning a diy project for the exterior of your home then should reconsider using a ladder because they are not safe for consistent working at height. Many people try to paint the upper storey of their home using only a ladder to do so and many accidents could have been avoided if the person had been using the correct equipment for the job. Scaffold towers are the most appropriate equipment for working at height and providing you take due care, there is less likely to be an accident. DIY scaffold towers are aimed primarily at the domestic market, which means they are more appropriate for home diy projects than some other types of scaffold towers.

Aluminium DIY Scaffold Towers

Many diy scaffold towers are made from alloy or aluminium because they are usually much easier to move from one area of the job to another. Mobile access towers are often made of alloy and they are extremely versatile and convenient to use. If you are undertaking a project that involves moving from one area of the exterior of your home to another then you may want to consider one of the mobile diy scaffold towers. Most diy scaffold towers are lightweight and easy to use and at the same time safe and stable.

Safety Features

Most of the people who undertake diy projects that involve working at height are not used to working with scaffold towers. Domestic users of scaffold towers are not subject to the same working at height regulations as commercial users and this may be one of the reasons why diy scaffold towers have some extra safety features. When you are erecting a scaffold tower for the first time it is all too easy to confuse the horizontal poles with the diagonal ones and so some diy scaffold towers have colour coded braces to make the job quicker and easier. It is possible to find diy scaffold towers with fully welded frames that make the structure extra strong and give it more stability, so they are ideal for the domestic user. You may be able to locate diy scaffold towers that are accessed internally through a trap door for extra safety. Most scaffold tower sales and hire companies will provide householders with an easy to follow guide for erecting the tower along with some tips on working safely at high altitudes.

What to Look for

If you are interested in buying or renting one of the diy scaffold towers for your project then look for one that has stabilisers fitted to the feet as standard because this provides the user with extra stability. Another useful feature of some diy towers is non-slip rungs and platforms for safer use. Look for a tower with directional and lockable wheels as this makes it easier to move it from one area of the work space to another. Some towers intended for the domestic market are lower level structures, up to three metres, which makes them suitable for use inside or outside the home.

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