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Types of Scaffold Towers

For construction companies and for individuals involved in do it yourself projects there are certain types of equipment that help to make a job easier and safer to undertake. Scaffold towers are generally thought to be much safer than ladders or steps for working at height, and this thinking is supported by accident figures involving ladders. There are different types of scaffold tower, and the one you use will depend very much on the kind of job you are working on.

Step Platform Tower

The step platform tower is one of the many types of scaffold towers that are designed for a specific purpose. The step platform is well engineered and is designed to be used for projects at a lower height. The normal extension of a step platform tower is around three metres and offers a stable and secure platform for working at that height. Step platforms are one of the several types of scaffold towers that has a guard rail all the way round and the platform allows the user easy access from all angles. Entry to a step platform tower is through a hinged and locked gate and the tower has rolling, lockable wheels to make it easy to move around. Additional stability and ease of access is given by locking castors and steps, making it safer to access the main platform. Mobile scaffold towers are one of the increasing number of types of scaffold towers that make it easy to move the structure from one location to another.

Mobile Scaffold Tower

Mobile scaffold towers can often be found on busy building sites because they are easy to move from one area of the site to another as they don't need to be disassembled and then reassembled again at the new location. When you choose a mobile scaffold tower there is a huge variety of platform height available. Builders will often use a scaffold tower with an adjustable platform height because it makes it easier to undertake a job where work is required at different levels. It is possible to find these mobile types of scaffold towers with as many as nine platform height adjustments. A mobile scaffold tower is convenient and easy to use as most of them have a fold down mechanism, which means it takes up less space than other types of scaffold towers when not in use. Aluminium scaffold towers have increased in popularity but these towers are not really suitable for amateur use because they require close familiarity with the working at height regulations.

Aluminium Scaffold Tower

Many companies who hire out different types of scaffold towers will hire an aluminium scaffold tower to a private individual because the working at height regulations do not apply in those cases. A reputable scaffold tower hire company, however, will do their best to insure that customers have at least a rudimentary understanding of working at height regulations by taking them through the instruction booklet and giving them pointers to look out for. Users need to ensure that toe boards, stabilisers, guard rails and harnesses are fit for purpose and in use. The area in which these types of scaffold towers are to be used needs to be thoroughly checked for uneven patches and any stray objects that could pose a safety hazard.

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