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Quickfit Scaffold Towers

When you have jobs at home that require a ladder you may be a lot safer and find the job easier to carry out if you choose to use a scaffold tower rather than a ladder. Quickfit scaffold towers are useful for a range of projects and are aimed particularly at the diy market. Quickfit towers have been available for the last twenty years so they are not a new thing. Whether you need to fix your roof or paint your upper storey window frames, the work will be a lot easier, and you will be less likely to have an accident if you use a scaffold tower that has been designed with diy tasks in mind. The manufacturers of these towers have also supplied the building industry with equipment designed for working at heights for years and their towers are meant to be simple to erect and easy to move from one area to another.

Quickfit Features

Quickfit scaffold towers fold flat when not in use so it makes them easy to store and they are also simple to erect. The aluminium or alloy towers are light and easy to transport from place to place and come with a free assembly guide. Quickfit scaffold towers come in single or double width and are available in three lengths, 1.8 metres, 2.5 metres, and 3.2 metres. These mobile towers have a dual braking system and come with large, articulated feet on all stabilisers for added safety. When you purchase Quickfit scaffold towers you will find that everything is included in the purchase price, including a wide access ladder with hexagonal rungs for easy and safer climbing. Quickfit access towers come with diagonal and hexagonal braces, guard rails, double guard rails, trapdoor, toe boards and built in internal ladders.

Quickfit Scaffold Towers and Safety

Working at height regulations and safety precautions apply to Quickfit scaffold towers in the same way as they do to other towers. While you are not subject to the working at height regulations if you purchase a tower for domestic use, you should try to familiarise yourself with the safety advice that comes with the directions for assembly. If any parts show signs of fatigue you should not replace them with parts from another manufacturer. All scaffold towers are designed in a specific way and should only have components that are meant for that particular scaffold tower. Aluminium or alloy tower parts, may eventually succumb to fatigue because of the nature of aluminium. Generally speaking the parts will be fine with light use, if you want Quickfit scaffold towers that are designed for heavy use then you need a steel tower.

Steel Quickfit Scaffold Towers

Steel Quickfit scaffold towers are designed for heavy use, which means that they are not as light or easy to assemble as allow scaffold towers. Solid steel is much heavier than alloy, which is why it is better for heavy duty scaffolding designed for bigger and longer projects.

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