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Second Hand Scaffold Towers

When you are working at height it is essential that you have the correct equipment. Safety should be your first priority when you are looking for an appropriate scaffold tower to undertake a specific job. Some second hand scaffold towers are good value for money and providing they are appropriate to the job in hand, well worth buying. You do need to be careful however when buying second hand scaffold towers and below are several things that you should look for when renting or buying any scaffold tower, but particularly one that is second hand.

Parts Should be From the Same Manufacturer

Never rent or buy a scaffold tower without first inspecting it. If you are thinking about purchasing second hand scaffold towers for ongoing work you should have them thoroughly checked first. You should never buy or use second hand scaffold towers that have components from different manufacturers. When you erect a scaffold tower it is vitally important that all the components come from the same manufacturer. Not all materials are compatible with each other and parts from another manufacturer may not fit into the structure in the way that they should. There are thousands of accidents each year because people who are working at height have used the wrong components or have not assembled something properly - don't add to the number because you have the wrong components in a scaffold tower. If an employee works on a second hand scaffold tower and the parts are not compatible you could be liable for a huge compensation payout.

What is the Scaffold Tower Constructed From?

In the past some scaffold towers were made entirely of steel, but this is a very heavy metal to work with. If you see second hand scaffold towers that are made entirely of steel, then think twice before you buy one. Although steel is perfectly okay, the fact that it is a very heavy metal when used alone, could cause problems in assembling and disassembling the tower. Aluminium scaffold towers are often preferred because they are lighter but there are strict working at height regulations that apply to this type of scaffold tower. Many scaffold towers are made of a combination of steel and aluminium because the combination of these two metals makes the structure lighter to work with and adds extra strength and stability.

Rusted Components

If you do decide to purchase second hand scaffold towers then when you inspect the components you should reject any with signs of rust. Rust may be a sign that the metal is worn or likely to wear and this can make those components dangerous. Remember, safety and risk assessment are vital when it comes to working at height and equipment that is designed for working at height. Don't buy second hand scaffold towers that are without their own platform planks. Most platforms are an integral part of the way a scaffold tower is designed and assembled; using the wrong planks could cause a problem such as gaps in the platform.

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