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Small Scaffold Towers

Plenty of people spend their weekends working on diy projects of one kind or another. Using a ladder when you are working at height, even if it is only a few feet off the ground can be hazardous. Small scaffold towers are much more stable than ladders and they offer enough space for you and any equipment such as paint and brushes. The most popular type of small tower is a folding scaffold tower in single width. Small scaffold towers are particularly suited to working on indoor projects and are particularly handy for working where there is not a lot of space to spare. Some small towers operate on a hinge system and are specially designed for low level interior work, the towers can also be used on commercial projects and because of their construction the rate of component theft is cut.

The Convenience of Small Scaffold Towers

Small scaffold towers are convenient to use because they just snap up and fold back down again when you are finished with them. A small tower is easy to move from place to place and is actually more convenient for moving around than a ladder. If you need to do some work at another location then this type of tower is small enough to fit in the back of a van or car. Small scaffold towers generally have one less rung than other folding towers which means they can be moved through a door even when they are upright. Small towers are compact and lightweight and often have far fewer components than a standard scaffold tower. Hiring a small tower is quick and easy and often less costly than you might think and is often more convenient when you only need one for the occasional diy project.

Features of Small Scaffold Towers

The wheels on small scaffold towers have a non-slip surface and this makes them particularly suitable for inside use. Where necessary the height of a small tower can be raised to four metres by placing a guardrail frame on the six rung folding frame. The platform height on a small tower is adjustable, which makes it ideal for working at different heights. The maximum height of a small tower is 5.2 metres, which is generally high enough for most interior work. These towers have all the safety features that regular scaffold towers have but in a scaled down version.

Small Towers are Adaptable

While small scaffold towers are designed for low level work they are also easily adaptable. Where necessary the small tower can be extended with more frames and stabilisers. Without national frames a small tower can be rolled through a doorway when this would cause a problem with larger sized towers. Some smaller scaffold towers offer ultimate flexibility yet there is no compromise on safety. The tower can be set up and erected in a matter of seconds and folds flat so it is easy to move from one place to another.

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