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Many people now undertake diy projects on the exterior of their home. Construction companies will often undertake exterior work for people but in the current economic climate an increasing number of us prefer to hang onto our money. If the job you are engaged on, whether personal or commercial, involves working at height then you will need a scaffold tower if you are going to undertake the work in safety. You may not wish to purchase used scaffold towers, but if you rent or hire a scaffold tower you can be sure that it has been previously used on another project. As a general rule hiring or renting previously used scaffold towers should not be a problem, providing you inspect the tower before you sign the hire or rental agreement.

Researching Companies

If you plan on renting or hiring used scaffold towers then it is sensible to do some research on the companies that offer this service. Most scaffold tower hire companies are reputable and will not knowingly rent or hire out sub-standard equipment, nonetheless, you should check any equipment before you sign an agreement because there may be faults that have been overlooked as a result of human error. It is a good idea to look for a scaffold tower hire company near you, because this makes it much easier to go and inspect the equipment before you agree to a quote and sign a contract. Safety should be your first concern when you hire used scaffold towers and there are certain criteria you can use to establish whether the equipment you might hire is fit for purpose and safe to use.

Inspecting Used Scaffold Towers

Before you rent or hire used scaffold towers there are certain things that you should look for. The most important thing in terms of safety and fitness for purpose it to check that all the components of a used tower are from the same manufacturer. Never accept used scaffold towers with components from different manufacturers as this infringes safety legislation and may mean that the tower is not erected properly. Yet another thing you need to check carefully for is rust. You should not erect an access tower that has rusting parts as this will affect the strength of the structure and could result in an accident. Don't hire used scaffold towers where the original platform planks are missing as this could result in gaps in the platform of an unacceptable size, e.g. large enough for materials or even a person to fall through.

Guard Rails and Stabilisers

You should insist on having stabilisers on any tower but especially on used access towers that may benefit from the extra stability that these provide, regardless of whether you are working on soft or hard ground. Check all the guard rails and make sure that they fit properly as these could save you from having a nasty accident. In short, you need to assure yourself that used access towers come with all the correct components and that each of these components is working as it should.

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