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If you run a construction company and need to rent some of the equipment that you need for sites across the country, it's a good idea to look for a local company. Most builders will use a scaffold tower at some point and if they have work in a number of areas they may need to hire more than one scaffold tower. Scaffold tower hire UK provides companies and individuals with scaffold tower hire services all over the United Kingdom. If you can find a company that operates locally to you in the UK then go for it as it will save you some money on delivery costs.

Using the Internet - Hire Scaffold Tower

While hiring scaffold towers over the internet can be risky, and could cost you a lot of money in shipping and delivery costs, there are some websites, like that make third party referrals to scaffold tower hire UK companies.. When you use an internet service like Hire Scaffold Tower, this the company will probably ensure that the equipment comes from the scaffold tower company that is nearest to you. Most online businesses nowadays have a secure payment system operating on their site so you shouldn't worry about someone accessing your personal details.

Local Companies

A web-based organisation such as scaffold tower hire UK may have their own scaffold hire team who can deliver, and may sometimes erect, scaffold towers all over the country. One way you can be sure that the company you are dealing with is a reputable one, is when they will only rent out scaffold towers to those people who are fully compliant with the Work at Height regulations. The Work at Height regulations are developed by the industry for the industry in conjunction with the government. Working at height is a dangerous occupation and companies prefer to hire out their equipment to people who understand the risks associated with working on a scaffold tower. If you are hiring equipment from Scaffold Tower Hire UK for a personal diy project then you do not have to comply with Work at Height regulations. While individuals do not have to comply with regulations, the fact that these are a prerequisite for businesses to hire scaffold towers generally implies that the company is a reputable one.

Lakside - Types of Scaffold Towers

There are many different types of scaffold towers that are offered for hire by companies like Lakeside. The type of scaffold tower that you require will depend very much on the job you are doing. Individuals may require just the one type of tower to undertake a diy project. Construction companies may need different types of scaffold towers for a particular job, if, for example, a job involves working on a staircase, then Lakeside, and similar companies may have a tower that is specially designed for safe working on stairways. For personal projects, a standard width scaffold tower (1.5metres) will be adequate for reaching and working on the second storey of most homes.

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