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Anyone who works in an industrial environment will be aware that it is sometimes necessary for some employees to work at height. Working at height can be hazardous no matter where it takes place but there are specific problems in the industrial sector. Boss scaffold towers are designed for industrial use and are said by many to be among the safest and best selling scaffold towers in the world. Generally speaking, this type of scaffold tower is not appropriate for use by unqualified individuals on private projects because it was designed for a specific purpose and environment. It is true to say that boss scaffold towers often have extra safety features to ensure safe working at height, but the same attention to risk assessment and safety details is still necessary.

Safety Features

When it comes to assembling a scaffold tower and it can be confusing for people who are assembling an access tower for the first time. One of the safety features that the designers of Boss scaffold towers have introduced is the colour coding of horizontal and diagonal braces as it makes the various parts much easier to identify, and rubber tubing gives the assembler a non-slip grip on the parts. Not only does the colour coding of various parts make them easier to identify, it also saves time wasted in using parts in the wrong place and then having to remove them. Colour coding various parts of Boss scaffold towers is a great idea because the correct assemble of scaffold towers is crucial to safe working at height. A scaffold tower that is wrongly assembled is likely to collapse and result in serious injury to the user and to any passers by. Access to the scaffold tower is safer and easier because the high specification aluminium ladder is actually built in to the side frame.

Sizes of Boss Scaffold Towers

Like most other working at height equipment, Boss scaffold towers are available in various sizes depending on what sort of job you are working on. Scaffold towers are available in two different widths, 0.85 metres and 1.45 metres, depending on the area you are working in and how much room is needed for the job. Components of Boss scaffold towers are available in three different lengths, 1.8 metres, 2.5 metres and 3.2 metres and towers can rise in half metre intervals up to 12.2 metres.

Other Features of Boss Towers

The design and function of Boss scaffold towers is compliant with British Standard regulations applying to such equipment. The Boss tower comes with lockable castors for extra stability and safety and these castors are 150mm. When it comes to using a Boss tower for an external job, platform heights above eight metres need to be tied in every four metres for extra stability. Many Boss towers have anti-slip decks on the platform and self-closing trap doors. Like many other scaffold towers the parts of a Boss tower are often a combination of aluminium and steel as both of these metals are well known for their tensile strength and durability.

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