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Portable Scaffold Towers

Whether you are working in the commercial sector, industrial sector, or are engaged on a diy project, you need the right equipment in order to do it properly. Many contractors use mobile scaffold towers because they are easier to move from one area to another and don't have to be disassembled and reassembled each time. However, mobile scaffold towers are not quite the same thing as portable scaffold towers. Portable scaffold towers are specifically designed for light use and usually at lower levels than most mobile scaffold towers.

Using Portable Scaffold Towers

Portable scaffold towers can be used outside and inside and are aimed more at the domestic market than are most mobile scaffold towers. Portable scaffold towers can be erected and disassembled by one person, whereas most scaffold towers require at least two people to ensure that they are erected safely. A portable scaffold tower will typically have a platform height of just under a metre so they are designed more for low level jobs than most scaffold towers. It is possible however to get portable scaffold towers in different sizes so that they can then be used, for instance, if you want to paint the upper storey of your home. The largest size portable access tower has a platform height of 5.20 metres and a working height of 7.20 metres so could be used for higher level jobs if necessary.

Features of Portable Scaffold Towers

Portable scaffold towers are certified according to British Standards, different size portable towers are supplied in different packs so that you can choose the scaffold tower that is most appropriate to your needs. Portable towers can be erected and disassembled by one person, so they are fairly easy to work with; they have a folding frame unit that comes ready assembled, a platform with a hatch, lockable castors and a diagonal brace. The smallest portable scaffold tower weighs about 26 kilos. The scaffold pack comes complete with assembly instructions and the access hatch and lockable wheels are great safety features. Some scaffold tower companies use the words portable scaffold towers and mobile scaffold towers interchangeably so you need to check on what you are actually getting.

Mobile Scaffold Towers

Like other portable scaffold towers, mobile are designed to be moved around from one area to another. Mobile scaffold towers, like the frame of the portable tower above, fold down and are easy to store and work on a pull up action. Mobile scaffold towers usually have a platform height of between five and seven metres. Many have adjustable platforms, which makes them ideal for jobs that require work at varying heights. The great thing about portable scaffold towers, and that includes mobile scaffold towers, is that they can simply be folded away when not in use and do not take up a lot of space. Generally speaking, mobile scaffold towers have a greater variation of platform heights than portable scaffold towers, with some having as much as nine different platform heights.

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