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Steel Access Towers

If you work in the construction industry and you have a long standing job then you may require some solid equipment. Steel scaffold towers are very heavy so are not very convenient if you need to move the equipment from one area to another. Solid steel can be very heavy, which means that this type of scaffold tower can take time and strength to put together. Steel is anti-corrosive, resistant to fatigue and has mechanical strength, which makes steel the ideal material for structures that are going to remain in place for a while. If you have a job where the tower needs moving from one area to another then you need something a bit lighter than steel.

Built on Site

Some suppliers of steel scaffold towers will come and build the structure on site if it is a long standing job. Steel structures are ideal when heavy usage is on the cards and load bearing weight is necessary. Steel scaffold towers are generally used on large, high altitude jobs and require experienced scaffolding erectors to assemble them. One of the things that is paramount with professionally erected steel scaffold towers is safety. Steel scaffold towers are used when extra strength and stability is needed, usually for a more permanent structure. There are some jobs that alloy and mobile scaffold towers are not suitable for, largely because a more stable structure is needed or the structure needs to be capable of bearing more load than is generally the case. Steel scaffold towers are regarded as some of the highest quality towers around and they are a lot more expensive than other, lighter scaffold towers.

Industrial Steel Scaffold Towers

Steel scaffold towers are often used in an industrial context because they stand up well to heavy usage. Work at height regulations need to be strictly observed in an industrial setting because there are usually extra hazards to worry about. One example of a steel scaffold tower is the Boss industrial scaffold tower. Steel scaffold towers have to conform to British and European standards, the greater the tube diametre on a steel tower, the stronger the equipment will be. Strength and stability are, or should be key features of a scaffold tower, non-slip rubber grips on the tubes and on the platform are essential for extra safe working.

Problems with Steel Scaffold Towers

Generally speaking, steel scaffold towers are not suitable for domestic use and diy projects, largely because they often need professional assembly and are much too heavy to be moved from place to place. Scaffold towers that are constructed entirely of steel are more suitable for industrial environments or for high altitude long term commercial construction jobs where a more permanent structure is needed. Steel scaffold towers are more expensive than alloy towers so you may want to think twice about whether a steel tower is really necessary. As with any other scaffold towers before you take a decision on which one to buy or rent, you need to ensure that it is first appropriate for the job in hand.

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