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Painting the outside of your home or fixing the gutters can be a real problem if you try to do the job with just an ordinary ladder. Most ladders don't extend sufficiently, which means you are reaching to do the job and that can be dangerous, more to the point if the job you are doing requires sustained activity, trying to complete it from the rung of a ladder can be extremely dangerous. No matter what sort of diy project you have planned, you will find it a lot easier to complete if you purchase on of the domestic scaffold towers that are on the market today. Domestic scaffold towers are specially designed for use by members of the general public and they make those diy projects that much easier and safer to complete.

Features of Domestic towers

Domestic scaffold towers are designed for occasional domestic use and offer good design and a safe way to complete your diy projects without costing the earth. Domestic scaffold towers are made from quality steel and are often guaranteed for five years. They are easy to move around from one place to another and even easier to store, when dismantled most domestic scaffold towers will fit in the back of a family hatchback. The domestic tower is much safer and easier to work with than the traditional ladder. You can buy additional castors for the tower to make it more mobile and easier to move around while it is assembled. Adjustable bases can be bought and fitted to give the tower added stability. All domestic towers come complete with a set of safety instructions that buyers should read. Working at height is not something to be taken lightly and there are thousands of accidents every year because people work on scaffold towers without thought to the hazards they may face.

Issues with this Type of Tower

Domestic scaffold towers are constructed from steel, which means that the parts are probably heavy, making it a problem to construct. While the towers are offered at a reasonable price, it can soon become expensive when you calculate in all the things that are sold as extras rather than as standard with the tower. Base plates should come as a standard fixture with a scaffold tower because they add the necessary stability even when working at lower level heights. Platform boards also have to be purchased as extra when they should be sold with the basic model because you need to have the correct platform boards on a scaffold tower.

Purchasing Domestic Scaffold Towers

If you are thinking of purchasing a tower for a diy project then you need to take into account that some of the things that are sold as extras are actually essential to safe working at height. The general rule with all scaffold towers is that you should not mix and match components from different manufacturers and some domestic users may not be aware of that fact. Unless instructions make it clear that any extras should be from the same manufacturer and preferably at the same time as the main parts of the tower, this could prove a domestic hazard.

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