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Aluminium Scaffold Tower Hire

Before embarking upon an aluminium scaffold tower hire, it is important to be aware of the Work at Height Regulations set forth by the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI). Although typically not required if using an aluminium scaffold tower hire for personal use at a residence, businesses are bound to follow the regulations. For the safety of everyone involved, the following offers a brief overview of the OPSI regulations.

• The employer is responsible for ensuring that work at height is planned properly, supervised competently, and performed in a manner that is consistent with safety.

• The planning phase should also include emergency plans as well as rescue plans.

• Work at height should only be performed when the weather conditions make it safe to do so.

• Only those properly trained in the use of the aluminium scaffold tower hire should be working at height. Or, if the person is being trained, the training should be overseen by an effective supervisor.

• The height work is to be completed should be reasonable.

• Proper precautions against falling should be taken. These include the use of guard rails, toe boards, stabilisers, and harnesses, amongst other things.

• Objects that could fall onto a worker during a height task should be stored elsewhere. Likewise for objects that could fall and strike a worker who is rising up from the collapse or fall of an aluminium scaffold tower hire.

• Areas in which there is a danger of falling a great distance or being struck by a falling object must clearly marked as such. In addition, such areas should be set up to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining entry.

• All equipment should be inspected at regular intervals, and more frequently in adverse weather conditions.

• Reports of the inspections performed are to be prepared, and kept on site until the work is finished, and for three months thereafter in the office of the employer.

• The aluminium scaffold tower hire must be able to bear the weight that it is to be used for. Additionally, the surface must be stable, and must not accidentally move and place people in danger.

• Any alterations or modifications must not make the aluminium scaffold tower hire unstable.

• The surface must not have any gaps that a person can fall through, or that could allow materials for fall through and injure someone. The surface must be large enough to enable people to work safely.

• An instruction plan detailing the assembly, disassembly, and use of the scaffolding, as well as any additional instructions, should be available for anyone who is using the device.

Although it can appear daunting for the first time user of an aluminium scaffold tower hire to follow the regulations set forth by the OPSI, it is imperative to do so. Doing so not only protects the workers, it also protects the business against any negligence and wrongdoing in the unlikely event of a fall or injury while using scaffolding.

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