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Cheap Scaffold Tower Hire

When it comes to hiring a scaffold tower for a particular job there are a few things that you need to look for. If you are considering using cheap scaffold tower hire then you need to ensure that the hire company makes sure that their towers are up to standard. The fact is that there are some risks in using a scaffold tower because it generally means you will be working at a great height. If you're a long way off the ground then you want to be sure that what you are standing on is really sturdy enough to bear your weight, even in a higher than normal wind. If you work or have worked in the construction industry then you will know that it is common practice to undertake a risk assessment before you begin any job. When you are hiring a scaffold tower, you need to assess the strength and suitability of the frame

The All Important Frame

There is nothing wrong in wanting to save money, and most people will look at cheap scaffold tower hire to begin with to see whether they can get what they need at an affordable price. The frame of any scaffold tower is most important, if the frame is not strong enough or not designed to build too high a tower, then it may not be suitable for what you want. A scaffold tower frame needs to be in good condition and safe to use. While you are working with the tower you need to make sure that it is stored safely when not in use. Using a scaffolding tower that you need to erect yourself requires even greater care when it comes to cheap scaffold tower hire.

Erecting the Scaffold Tower

If you have chosen cheap scaffold tower hire where the scaffolding needs to be supported by a wall then you need to assess just where you will put the tie ins so that the scaffolding frame is secure at the outset. Check that there are footpads underneath the scaffolding feet before you erect it, especially if you are erecting the tower on soft ground as you need a solid base to assemble it. If you are working as part of a team in erecting a large tower then one of you should run all the safety checks and make sure all the equipment is there while the other one is erecting the tower. It makes sense to wear a safety harness while you are putting up any scaffold tower.

Double Check for Safety

Choosing a reputable firm is the best way of ensuring that cheap scaffold tower hire does not involve scrimping on quality and safety. When you are erecting a tower, whether or not you have chosen cheap scaffold tower hire, you should double check every component that will be used as part of the tower. If you find any sign of damage on any of the tower components or any rusting then it is not really safe to use that tower.

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