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Folding Work Platform Scaffold Hire

The Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) safety regulations that went into effect in 2005 affected many businesses in the building, construction, and maintenance industries. The use of step ladders was sharply curtailed due to their tendency to tip even when placed on a level surface. Folding work platform scaffold hire has filled that area by utilising a host of safety options.

Folding work platform scaffold hire is a lightweight alternative to other choices in the scaffold tower hire industry. It folds flat for easy and out of the way storage as well as easy transport between tasks. Folding work platform scaffold hire quickly and easily snaps open for instant access to a safe means of reaching height.

Featuring smooth rolling wheels that safely lock into place, and a sturdy guardrail surrounding the top of the platform, folding work platform scaffold hire allows the unit to move safely and easily from task to task.

The platform is made of safe and non slip material. It is also large enough for one person and the necessary equipment needed to complete the task at hand. The platform also provides access from all sides to minimize the necessity of having to move the folding work platform scaffold hire.

The ease of simply being able to snap open this scaffold tower and instantly use it for any number of tasks both large and small. The ability of the folding work platform scaffold hire to fold easily and store it flat against a wall, or other small and out of the way place, adds to its popularity.

It is easily portable once folded which makes this scaffold tower ideal for quick tasks that involve lots of moving around to access height. The smooth rolling wheels adds to the versatility of this specialised equipment.

To ensure safety when performing tasks at height, it is important to set up the folding work platform scaffold hire on a firm and level surface. Weather conditions must be ideal and dry. Mud and rain will not provide an adequately safe surface on which to set up the scaffold tower.

In addition, it is important to always work with at least two people. A third person is ideal. One person must stay on the ground to ensure that help can be retrieved quickly if it is needed. Hard hats are a must, as well as harnesses and lanyards, if working at height that the OPSI has determined that such safety gear is required.

Reading and understanding the included manufacturer's instruction manual is crucial in ensuring that safety is protected during the use of such folding work platform scaffold hire. Following the instructions and being aware of the issues and safety concerns is paramount to the safety of people involved. In addition, the instruction manual outlines the proper ways to assemble the unit.

When performing tasks outdoors, it is important to be aware of the wind. A strong wind, or sudden shift in the direction of the wind can possibly knock the scaffold tower over or render it unsteady.

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