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Bridging Tower Hire

Determining the need for a tower hire in order to complete work at height safely can be accomplished by accessing the needs of the business and the height involved. For some height access, a step platform hire will be more appropriate. For other height needs, a scaffold tower hire is required due to the increase in height.

When height is needed, and in addition, access is needed that must take into consideration the placement of other equipment, a bridging tower hire is often a viable choice. It is able to rise to height as great as five metres in order to accommodate computer desks, machinery, and work stations.

Equipped with guardrails that lock at full height, or half height if needed in order to accommodate low ceilings, the bridging tower hire is also able to rise in span up to five metres at the customers request. The platform can be adjusted to suit the customer's preferences as well.

Easy to assemble, usually with just one person, but depending on the size of the span, an additional person may be required. Assembly requires few tools and can be accomplished in about one minute.

Lightweight and easy to store when not in use, the bridging tower hire is an ideal solution when maintenance work or repair work is required over or near equipment or machinery that can not be moved easily. Smooth rolling wheels make this tower hire fully portable.

A bridging tower hire can be assembled, and then wheeled over machinery, computer desks, or work stations in order for maintenance work or repair work can be performed safely and efficiently. If it is not possible to wheel the bridging tower hire in place, it can be assembled on either side of the work site. The platform can then be attached after the sides are in place.

This bridging tower hire needs little to no maintenance beyond the necessary inspections. All connectors should also be checked again after the initial assembly in order to ensure a safe and stable platform.

With a platform roomy and sturdy enough for two people and their tools, the bridging tower hire is the ideal solution for maintenance work in an office setting or repair work in a manufacturing setting. Braces serve a dual purpose by providing both rigidity and strength when the unit is fully assembled.

By dismantling the bridging tower hire, the main frames folds flat, and are easily wheeled about. It addition, the entire unit can be folded compactly enough to roll through a single doorway or through lift doors in order to facilitate easy of transport.

If a shorter platform size is utilised, the bridging tower hire is able to be moved about as a single and complete unit. When doing this, all the components are conveniently fitted into the main frames.

This versatility makes the bridging tower hire a popular hire for a number of companies that provide services indoors, and that must make accommodations for computer desks, machinery, and work stations when planning for the tasks at hand.

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