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Scaffold Tower Hire Companies

Scaffold tower hire companies provide a valuable service when access to height is needed. In addition, scaffold tower hire companies provide information on the safe use of scaffold tower hire.

Many businesses have a need for scaffold tower hire. A painting business, for example, needs almost constant access to height. Construction companies also have a variety of tasks that must be completed at height. It is wise to invest in a variety of scaffold tower hires.

Similarly, scaffold tower hire is also valuable when performing maintenance or repairs on a residence. Often, when used for personal use, a person will not want to keep assembling and disassembling the scaffold tower in order to move it or store it out of the way until it's use is needed again. For this reason, a mobile scaffold tower hire can be useful. A mobile scaffold tower hire is lightweight and portable. It can easily be moved from one area to another in order to complete needed tasks at height safely.

A variety of scaffold tower hires are available in a range of platform heights. Up to nine platform adjustments are possible for many scaffold tower hires. This gives great flexibility when working with various height. Safety is assured due to locking mechanisms that prevent unexpected dropping or falling of one end of the platform or the entire platform.

Reputable scaffold tower hire companies answer all customers enquiries thoroughly and completely. In addition, if training is not provided by scaffold tower hire companies, resources are shared with the customers to enable them to access such training on their own if they so desire.

All scaffold tower hire companies should be thoroughly aware of the safety standards put forth by the Office of Public Sector Information. In addition, reputable companies should only offer equipment that meets or exceeds that safety standards put forth by OPSI. Such standards include guard rails, locking mechanisms, and stabilisers, to name only a few of the standards outlined.

Scaffold tower hire should be well maintained, and thoroughly inspected at regular intervals. Inspection records must be kept up to date and on site in accordance with OPSI regulations, Instructions books for scaffold tower hires should always be included when the scaffold tower is hired out. Taking the time to familiarise the customer with the instruction book is a wise investment in the safety of all concerned, as well as the reputation of scaffold tower hire companies.

Finding reputable scaffold tower hire companies is simply a matter of asking for recommendations from those in the construction industry or maintenance industry. Many people in these industries utilise scaffold tower hires and related equipment in their daily work. The internet is also an invaluable resource for information about scaffold tower hire and the companies that offer such services.

Other sources for information about scaffold tower hire companies are organisations such as the OPSI or the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). Although the IPAF is primarily as motorised access resource, many companies provide both motorised access and scaffold tower hire equipment as well.

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