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Scaffold Tower Hire Insurance

Scaffold towers are useful and specialised equipment that are utilised when reaching height is necessary. In order to reach height safely, scaffold towers may be the answer.

When utilising scaffold towers in a business setting, additional scaffold tower insurance may be necessary. This additional scaffold tower insurance could be necessary in order to cover the additional risks of working at height when there were previously no risks involved.

This is particularly true if a business is adding working at height to their services. In order to protect both the workers involved, as well as the reputation and financial health of the company, additional insurance is almost always necessary in these instances.

Some stipulations of such scaffold tower insurance may include adherence to specific industry wide regulations designed to ensure the safety of the workers using the scaffold tower. These regulations are also aimed at protecting other workers not directly involved in the height work, but who could be injured or even killed by a scaffold tower collapse or fall, or the falling of equipment.

The Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) has released regulations that must be followed to ensure that businesses are protecting both workers performing at height, as well as those on the ground below. In addition to meeting insurance requirements, following the OPSI regulations serves to protect the business in the event of an accident that results in injury or death.

Similarly, it may be necessary to contact the insurance company responsible for insuring a residence if the scaffold tower is to be used for personal reasons. Ensuring that adequate insurance coverage is available in the case of injury or death while using a scaffold tower is imperative before any work at height can start.

Although the use of a scaffold tower at a residence by a personal user is not bound by the OPSI regulations, following those regulations will help to ensure that work performed at height is done so in a safe manner. In addition, having scaffold tower hire insurance will provide protection for medical bills and other expenses in the event that a fall or other serious injury occurs while using the scaffold tower.

Performing simple yet important checks such as ensuring that all connectors are tighten and that guardrails are fastened securely can help to ensure that accidents do not occur. Other precautions include using safety gear such as harnesses and straps when appropriate, and working with two or more people at a time. This helps to ensure that one person will be able to call for help if needed.

To save on the necessary insurance, check into the deductibles offered. The deductible is the amount paid by the business or home owner in the event of the usage of the insurance. A higher deductible will typically mean a lower price on the insurance overall. However, a too high deductible can make it difficult to pay if the insurance is needed.

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