Scaffold Tower Hire

Stairway Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold tower hire can help to make it safe and easy to perform work at height. There are many reasons for needing to perform work at height. Various repair tasks and maintenance tasks demand safe access to height.

These tasks include painting walls, changing recessed lighting fixtures, and cleaning windows. In addition, renovation work often requires such work from height. Determining the right scaffold tower hire for the task can save time and money. In addition, the right scaffold tower can help to ensure that safety is accomplished.

Unique situations in working at height call for unique solutions. Working at height in a stairway brings up the usual safety concerns about working at height. In addition, there is also the added safety risk of working on a stairway. Such tasks mean working on potentially uneven surfaces with few options for stabilisation apparatus.

Stairway tower scaffold hire is a specialised piece of equipment that more than adequately addresses these concerns. A stairway tower scaffold hire is compact to fit into tight and narrow stairways, and other spaces. In addition, a stairway tower scaffold hire is also lightweight to enable it to be moved quickly and easily to where the tasks are that must be completed at height.

Available in a range of platform height, stairway tower scaffold hire is the perfect specialised equipment for the task. The platform can also be adjusted to multiple height to help ensure safe work conditions. The platform is wide enough to accommodate one or two workers, and their equipment as well.

Access to the stairway tower scaffold hire is by using an integrated ladder system located on the interior of the equipment. Guardrails surround the platform area of the stairway tower scaffold. In addition, stabilisers are utilised to ensure the maximum safety for all workers at height.

When using a stairway tower scaffold hire for personal use such as performing repairs on a home or maintenance on a home, following the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) regulations is not required. Using some simple safety precautions is a wise decision, however,

Working with two or more people helps to ensure that at least one person is able to go for help in the event of an accident or serious injury. Following the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions will also help to ensure that working at height is done safely. Hard hats as well as harnesses and lanyards should be utilised. Checking all connectors and locking mechanisms before using the stairway tower scaffold hire is a wise decision.

If using a stairway tower scaffold hire within a business, however, it is required that the OPSI regulations are followed. Doing so helps to ensure the safety of workers when they are working at height. The regulations also help to protect the safety of workers in the surrounding areas. A third benefit to following the required regulations is that it helps to protect the business's reputation and financial holdings in the unfortunate event of an accident or injury.

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