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The enactment of stricter safety regulations in 2005 is designed to minimize the deaths and injuries that occurred as the result of falls from height. These regulations, set by forth by the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI), charge employers with providing a safe workplace, amongst other things.

Working at height has been discouraged unless there is no other way to accomplish the needed task. The use of step ladders, as well as builders steps, has been strongly discouraged due to toppling and collapsing, and other safety concerns, and even outlawed by some safety officers. As an alternative, many scaffold tower hire companies now offer the much sturdier alternative, step platform scaffold tower hire.

Step platform scaffold tower hire involves the hiring of a sturdy and well made piece of specialised equipment. This equipment is made fairly close to the ground, with platforms generally three metres or less. It provides a stable and safe platform from which to perform work at height. The platform allows easy access from all sides, and is outfitted with a guardrail all around it as well.

A hinged and locking gate, or a chain, allows access to the step platform scaffold tower hire. Smooth rolling, locking wheels ensure top portability. Locking castors and steps provide stabilisation and support when reaching the main platform level. These castors and steps hook into the side of the step platform scaffold tower hire to add more stabilisation, and rigidity to the unit.

Step platform scaffold tower hire folds up quickly and easily to facilitate movement to the next task on hand. Lightweight and easily mobile, it can store in a small space when folded. Many models offer more than one platform level, and no loose pieces to minimize the risk of loss of important items.

The basic model has no detachable pieces, although stabilisation equipment is available if desired. Other models offer toe boards and unique designs that are able to be placed on steps in order to perform work at height. Most step platform scaffold tower hire are simple to erect, and can be erected with just one person. Entry to the platform is typically via steps, or an internal ladder system.

Models are also available that can accommodate one or two people. These models can fold up small enough to fit into the boot of a car for easy transport. Entrance onto the platform as well as exit from the platform can occur at either end of the step platform scaffold tower hire. Other models include convenient extras such as a tool tray or other tool storage areas.

The OPSI safety regulations are not just the responsibility of the employer, however. The workers, as well, have responsibilities. If a worker feels unsafe, for example, when using a step ladder or builders steps, the regulations can be emphasised, and the safer equipment can be highlighted. It is for the benefit of everyone - the worker performing the task at height, the other workers, and the employer - to follow the safety regulations.

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