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Towermatic Scaffold Tower Hire

The Towermatic scaffold tower hire is an innovative design that enables work from height safely and easily. The one piece access system relies on passive springs to enable it to operated manually. The Towermatic scaffold tower hire is an award winning design and utilises either a scissor design or a series of folding and locking elbows in order to provide a safe and efficient platform surface.

Utilising semi automatic parts these scaffold tower hires combine the benefits of both alloy platforms and scissor lifts to offer an easily manoeveurable unit that meets or exceeds the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) safety regulations set forth in 2005.

An easy to use system, the Towermatic scaffold tower hire can be operated with safely and easily by one person. There is no need for specialised training from the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) or from the Public Agency Safety Management Association (PASMA) unlike a traditional motorised scissor tower lift.

With height adjustments to four metres, the Towermatic scaffold tower hire allows safe work at height not usually seen with a scaffold tower. In addition, height adjustment is as easy as the operator pushing the height adjustment lever with a foot. Removing the foot from the lever locks the scaffold tower securely into place. Enabling the operator to easily and smoothly move the platform up or down to where height is needed allows for the maximum in effeciency and safety.

The platform is wide and sturdy with enough room for two operators and their equipment. Locking castors and an integral access ladder are industry standards that are included. It features no batteries, no power supply, and no engine. In addition, it is insulated electrically to minimise the risk of shock.

The Towermatic scaffold tower hire has the capacity to level. It also features a lashing ring for fall arrest use, fold away handrails that lock into place, and forklift access rails. Minimum training is required to safely operate it.

Another model of the Towermatic scaffold tower hire features the first passively powered and self erecting access platform. It provides a safe and stable platform large enough for two workers with set up complete within just seconds. Featuring finely balanced dampers and springs with a safety locking device the Towermatic scaffold tower hire glide smoothly and safely back to ground level with a simple unlocking of the safety device.

It has the ability to be utilised at a variety of platform heights which adds to its versatility. It is a safe and stable scaffold tower that erects in just minutes, has no loose parts, and requires a minimal amount of training. The Towermatic scaffold tower hire meets or exceeds all relevant industry standards issued by the OPSI and the IPAF.

The low level Towermatic scaffold tower hire is a lightweight yet well made piece of specialised equipment that simply opens and locks into place for working at height. It folds flat for easy transport and features a sloping ladder for easy access and integrated outriggers for the maximum in stabilisation.

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