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Ladder Versus Scaffold Tower

Different jobs require different tools. A multi-purpose ladder is a versatile tool that can be folded down and stored n a garage or even in the boot of your car. Ladders are useful for various jobs from painting a ceiling to changing a light bulb. If you are considering using a ladder versus scaffold tower hire then you need to consider the job you are planning. While a multi-purpose ladder is good around the home, it may not be suitable for larger, outdoor tasks; by the same token a scaffold tower is unsuitable for many of the smaller jobs in and around the home. When you are considering a ladder versus scaffold tower hire there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

When you talk about using a ladder versus scaffold tower hire, you first need to consider what sort of job you plan on doing. If you want to clean the windows in the upper storey of your house and it is a typical three bedroom terrace or semi, then a ladder is the ideal tool. You don't have to worry about cost because you probably have a decent ladder already, or can borrow one from a neighbour. On the other hand if you wanted to clean the windows on a public building or a high block of flats, then you can justify the cost of scaffold hire. When you are very high up and have a wide area to cover then you need the extra height and space that a scaffold tower will give you.

Safety First

Anyone who is thinking about a job that involves working at a great height needs to assess the risks when considering a ladder versus scaffold tower hire. When you are working at a great height most safety assessments tend to suggest that the larger working area which a scaffold tower provides is actually much safer than the narrow rungs of a ladder. Most ladders will only reach a certain height so are not at all appropriate for some jobs. Scaffold towers give you a lot more reach and many of them have an internal ladder system that makes climbing the tower more secure.

Don't Underestimate Ladders

In discussions about ladders versus scaffold tower hire, it's all too easy to forget the many and varied areas where ladders are used. A ladder is a great aid for jobs around the home but it is also put to use every day in an effort to save lives. The fire service uses ladders all the time to reach and rescue people who are caught in a burning building. In many rescue cases a scaffold tower would have been too large for the job and getting the tower erected would take too much time. In situations like house fires, using a ladder may be the only and the safest option. You shouldn't underestimate a ladder's value in discussions about whether you should use a ladder versus scaffold tower hire.

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