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Work At Height Training

Work at height training for all workers is imperative to their safety as well as the safety of those workers around them. In addition, it helps to protect businesses' by establishing and maintaining a positive safety record, and helps to avoid costly legal action should an accident occur. The Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) requires that all workers who perform tasks at height undergo work at height training. Workers should never perform work at height without the proper training.

Work at height training can be executed by any person who is competent enough to be knowledgeable about the work at height regulations. The training typically lasts one day, and participants must be physically fit. In addition, those in training must bring any safety equipment required by their employer to the training.

The worker should avoid working at height if possible. Explore other options that might be available instead of working at height. If work at height is not avoidable, the risks for working at height should be identified and reduced if possible. The work plan should include plans for emergencies and rescues if needed.

Equipment that offers protection from adverse weather and that provides adequate light must be provided. Work at height should not be attempted in adverse weather conditions if those conditions could jeopardise the safety of workers. Platforms, or other equipment used should meet current standards and be in good working condition. Any modifications should not render the platform unstable.

Inspections on all equipment that is to be used during any work at height should occur at several junctions. These junctions include the following:
  • After the assembly of the equipment
  • at regular intervals and after adverse conditions
  • Platforms from which a worker can fall two metres or more as well as those used in construction should be inspected every seven days.
  • Work equipment is not to be used without a valid and current inspection.
  • The results of the inspection must be recorded
Already completed work should be visually inspected at times to ensure that workmanship is intact. When falls from surfaces are possible, or when there is the danger of being injured by a falling object, this must be made known to workers, either by the use of signs, or if that is not possible, by some other means.

All workers must be in possession of work at height training. In addition, any contractors, or subcontractors, must also comply with these regulations. Workers must comply with all instructions and training. Refresher training must be provided at periodic times. Use all safety equipment provided, and avoid any activities that endanger the workers, or other people's, safety. Notify a competent supervisor of any danger or unclear items from the trainings or instruction given.

By following all instructions and trainings received, workers can help ensure that their safety is not compromised, and still perform their work at height in a professional manner. In addition, workers are also able to ensure that fellow workers are kept safe too.

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