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Scaffold Tower Hire DIY

If you have a home renovation project and cannot afford to pay for the services of a professional painter then you may have to undertake the job yourself. While many people may suggest that you use a ladder to reach and paint the upper storey of your home. It is much safer to ditch the ladder idea and go for scaffold tower hire diy projects are made much easier with the right equipment providing you follow all the safety advice that you can find.

Where to Find a Scaffold Tower Hire Company

Although there are plenty of scaffold tower hire companies on the internet it is a good idea, if you can, to choose a local company where you can inspect the scaffold tower before it is delivered to your home. Check that the metal is not rusted and that all the parts are from the same manufacturer before your scaffold hire diy project gets off the ground. It is much better if you can see the scaffold tower components and discuss erecting the tower with the company before you actually sign or pay for anything. If you don't know of any local tool hire companies then ask around among your friends and workmates, personal recommendation is often a good way of finding a reputable company.

Erecting the Tower

Scaffold tower hire companies that will erect the tower for you are few and far between. It is a safe bet that you will be erecting the structure for your scaffold tower hire diy project so get as much advice as possible beforehand. Although the hire company should provide you with an easy to follow guide for erecting the tower, they may not remind you of all the many safety checks that should be made on a scaffolding tower. Even if you have seen the tower in situ, before erecting the structure for your scaffolding tower hire diy project, you should check every single component. It is a good idea if you can get a friend to help you as they can start erecting the tower while you are still checking. Make sure that the base plates for the feet of the tower are in place as these will give you extra stability while you are working. Be sure to examine all the braces at every level of the tower when you are erecting it so that you know whether or not they are coping with the strain of another layer or level.

Getting On With the Job

It's a good idea to get yourself a hard hat for your scaffolding tower hire diy project just to be on the safe side. You should have worn the safety harness while you were erecting the tower and you will need to keep it on while you are working, especially when working on the upper storey of your home. If you are going to have the scaffolding tower for a number of days then you should inspect it afresh every day before getting on with you scaffolding tower hire diy project. It is all too easy for braces and components to work loose over a period of time, which is why the components need to be checked again each day.

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